About Us

What Monster Cleaning Bexleyheath stands for is mainly excellence. We demand a lot from our staff and we do not cut any corners when it comes to cleaning services. All of this is so that clients can receive the best treatment possible. This is exactly the way we started our company nearly a decade ago and we have never looked back since. We want to be dangerous to all the harmful particles inside people’s home and offices and this is why we decided on the name of our group.

According to us customer satisfaction is the highest praise a company can get and so far our feedback has been nothing short of amazing. We are proud to say that our technicians work exceptionally hard and are always open to learn new things. This is why we organise our own training sessions and workshops internally. We exchange experience and bounce ideas off each other in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. Our team also conducts a very objective process when it comes to hiring new personnel. In short the management that we have strongly supports the notion that good pricing and quality staff is essential to our professional cleaning services in Bexleyheath.

Equally as important to us, however, is the professional cleaning equipment which is used during procedures. Our supplies are of the highest order and they allow us to achieve great results. Additionally we are able to work exceptionally quickly and effectively. We possess vacuums, mops, brushes, liquid detergents, steam cleaners, pressure washers and many more. Thanks to the tools which we have we are able to cover a broad range of sanitation jobs and some of them can be done at the same time.

Among our other top priorities is preserving nature. We do not apply toxic solutions and we also do not use bleaching materials. Our eco-friendly way of working only gets better with time. We have taken it upon us to raise awareness on environmental protection. Being a “green” sanitation company is no longer a choice but an obligation instead, in the times we live in.