Monster Cleaning Bexleyheath is not in the business of ripping people but in the cleaning business instead. You can see our full price list in the respective section of our website or you can give us a call with specific questions on our rates. However, here is a small example of what we have to offer in terms of pricing for our elite sanitation procedures.

A microwave oven cleaning is just 14£ and a double oven cleaning job will end up costing you 63£. The floor beneath the stove can easily be sanitised for a small fee – only 2£ per square meter.

In case you have an office which you want to keep in shape then you can get our technicians to come over from 3 to 5 hours a week. This will mean you will pay 10£ per hour per worker. In case you want us for longer, let’s say 20 hours a week, then the rate falls to 9£ per hour per worker.

Get your office chairs cleaned for only 5£ each. Sofas can also be purified at 14£.